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Go to Homeowners: Need to sell your house fast?!?

Homeowners: Need to sell your house fast?!?

Get a no obligation cash offer for your house. No repairs, No Realtor fees, we buy AS-IS and close Super fast! Send an email our way and we’ll respond within 24 hours!

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Investors: Welcome to our Power team!

Be among the first to receive wholesale deals. Fill out the form above and be sure to check all the boxes that fit your style. Wholesaling is one way of paying it forward.

Go to How can we be happy through life?! Selfless Service

How can we be happy through life?! Selfless Service

We’ve found we are happiest when we serve others. Our company has and always will donate 10% of its profits to a honest and charitable cause.

Our Qualities

We Never stop improving

CHANGE: "Change is the key to becoming who we want to be; we cannot get there if we remain who we are." Not just the real estate market is continually changing, but the world is too, we strive to understand those changes so we can adapt as quickly as possible. We must be careful to only change for the better; if we change contrary to our values and beliefs that is called Digression; changing should be done only to Progress. INTEGRITY: "Think and Do what's right, ALWAYS, no matter the consequences." We are in business to help, not harm; we refuse to lie, cheat, steal, or deceive in any way. All too often people accept and rationalize dishonesty. It is not acceptable! Having Integrity enhances future opportunities and strengthens character; it provides a level of Happiness :). If you're not happy ask yourself, "Am I Honest?" "Have I made my wrongs right?" RESPECT: "Show respect even if people don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yours." (Dave Willis) No matter who someone is or what they have done, showing respect will only make your life better and hopefully improve theirs as well. APPRECIATION: "A simple and sincere thanks goes directly to the heart." If its ever been hard to get on someones good side, try telling them thanks. And then take em out for an ice cream cone. Something my Boy Scout leader does ALL the time and now i carry the tradition is we go buy 20 hamburgers and a frosty for a FULFILLING hamburger eating contest. My record is 7 in a row, can you beat it?

Our Team

Our team goes far beyond our hands at Busy Beaver Real Estate; We achieve nationwide success ONLY with and through our network: mentors, coaches, contractors, subs, realtors, wholesalers, lenders, referrals, charities we donate to, and of course our families; all giving us motive to continue.