May 14, 2015

Who We Are

Hey there!

Put simply, our expertise lies in real estate investing. We create leverage and utilize the opportunities around us in order to get a return on investment (for us and our partners!). We are rehab experts who buy distressed properties and beautify them. To us it’s our time that matters; Money is the by product. We are in this business because it allows us to have control over our time.

We love helping the less fortunate in the world. For now we do this in just a few ways: we help people get out of their homes fast or get rid of other unwanted properties. We provide good ROI’s for our private investors. We give free advice; meaning we point people in the right direction, sometimes we walk with them hand in hand (literally 😉 lol). We help people find solutions to their problems and get away from “tunnel vision”. It’s never to late to invest in yourself, that’s what we try to help people realize, life is about progressing and continually becoming better. And last, but not least, we donate 10% of all our net profits to charity (if you know of a charity btw, that over 90% of the donations actually go to the people being helped, send us a message maybe they will receive donations from us :))

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